Margarita Madness
The Frida’s team discovered a beautiful rooftop location, across from Wenhua Park and the Foshan TV Tower in the heart of
It was decorated beautifully to include a tattoo and face painting booth as well as a Photo Booth beach background.
Margarita Madness was an all you can eat buffet that introduced new flavors/styles of beef, chicken, and pork, alongsie mexican
rice, beans, roasted vegetables, as well as sour cream and all the salsas you could possibly choose from. The fun and games
included Beer drinking competitions, and team games, that included eating spicy tacos, watermelons, spicy noodles,
and frozen margaritas.
The food was amazing, the rain stopped early to give us great weather, and the margaritas were amazing as always. We sure hope you were there to enjoy alongside well over 100 of our loyal fans. When is our next event?
Keep your eyes open and do not miss it!